Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Comedy 0.0

(courtesy of choirbell)
It seems like the web has revolutionized most art genres except for stand-up. Comics only use it as a promotional tool (Dane Cook, Aziz Ansari). People outside of the comedy circuit have more interesting ways to marry interactivity and comedy. Ze Frank has his fans write his online Friday show.

Well I've worked on an interactive open-source community joke writing project. I asked my readers to help me write a joke. First we all agree on a set-up, then a punchline. The next project is the punchline, but here is the world's first open-source collaborative joke set-up:

What did the barely legal donkey on Cialis say on her sexy webcam with her hot friends?

I know, it's a hacky premise, but the punchline will hopefully be worth the wait. I'd like to thank the readers for their contributions to this noble project. Your tenacity has paid off. I'd like to especially thank sex_inc for insisting on adding "barely legal donkey" to the joke. I felt it was too risque, but I can't think of a better subject for a joke now. Maybe you guys should write all my material from now on.


JaboJones3 said...

I can't wait to see the punchline for this joke.

Mo! said...

YOU can contribute.

Seriously, how did you hear about this site? Love the black superheroes page.

Gary said...

How about this for the punchline:

"Yeah, you wish you could tap that ass"