Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Spiders Get High

This Swiss pharmacologist gave spiders different substances and saw what the results were on their web spinning.

I bet if he gave the spiders ecstasy, they would be spinning records on the web.


Cibbuano said...

how does it feel to be linked to on TSOYA? Pretty good...

pretty damn good...

shit, researchers have been doing that 'effect of drugs on spiders' things for years. Are they really discovering anything new? Are spiders some sort of measure of how fucked-up a drug is?

Guy Ernest said...

Look, Mo! (is that supposed to be funny, the question mark after your name!). I'm sorry to hurt your feelings, but your blog is more boring than a video game for little girls. Spiders? Fuckin spiders? And your friends video is stupid. He should just have the show without a pitch. And if it's a TV show, it should be on TV. And the trendy comics things? The only one I like is Dane Cook. And you say nothing about Joe Rogan, Robert Kelley, Andrew Dice CLay? Look, you suck. PLEASE tell me you don't think your funny. And don't EVER - NEVER EVER - post a mean comment on my blog again or I swear to Greyskull I will break your legs - first with my fists, then with a chainsaw. STFU!

Cibbuano said...


I'd suspect it'd be pretty hard to break a man's leg with your fists. After all, your hand has bones in it, too.

Ah, maybe you have robot fists? I see. Well then, breaking his leg would be feasible.

Also, what did you plan to do with the chainsaw? Actually saw his leg off, or just bash him with it? I'd recommend a hammer. Less unwieldly and less strain on your back.

Good luck on your future endeavors.