Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Casual Game Fridays

The Escapist has a wonderful article on how simple games are better than the complex MMORPGS and FPS's out there.

For some reason, people have difficulty defining casual games. The Escapist gets it right.

Chess is thought to have been invented in sixth century India. The rules have been tweaked, and it underwent an intense localization process in the middle ages, but for the most part the game has endured for a millennia-and-a-half. I can guarantee World of Warcraft doesn't have that kind of re-playability.

(courtesy of slworking2)
I would add that the difference between a casual game and a hardcore game is a casual game can be played at work behind the boss's back. This excludes online games that require commitment like Second Life and Perplex City and includes handheld games like Brain Age and Nintendogs.

If it lowers productivity, it's a casual game. If it increases (guild) productivity,
it's a hardcore game.

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