Monday, April 16, 2007

Facetime Gets Facetime

Fellow Apiary contributor Becky Cilleti made the cover of the LA Times.

Its cursive-scrawled pages hold Becky Ciletti's most intimate pubescent thoughts and secrets. The 39-year-old freelance writer came to this bar on a rainy April night to read the mostly embarrassing excerpts — food-fighting, French-kissing, babe-loving and all — to nearly 100 strangers. She wrote the first entry in 1980, when she was 12.

Feb. 7:

We didn't have school because of the snow today. I miss Kelly. I don't know why, because I've seen him all week except for today. P.S. Please help me to be more mature and help me to fill out my bra.

The audience howled with laughter.

In other news, my journal entry made the front page of this blog.

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Jon Clarke said...

There is no way Becky is 39. No way.