Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rebuttal to Article Announcing My Death

Comedian Dead at Age 36
Why the generic word comedian? Can't you use my full name?

On March 31st, 2012, comedian and blogger Mo Diggs was gored by a rhinoceros's horn in the Congo.
I hope this guy spelled rhinoceros right. I don't get Merriam-Webster in...where am I anyway?

An enthusiast of jungle safari tours-
Whaa? I get dragged to those by my friends. I don't even like the web browser Safari.

Mo Diggs's death has had an incredible impact on the comedy community.
Wow that's nice I guess.

Andrew Dice Clay said he was one of the best comedians ever.
I've never even met Dice.

"I seen him at the Parkside open mike on Saturday. He was so good I wish I didn't take a shit behind the stage during his set."
So that's what smelled like leather and shit.

Diggs also had a lot of respect in the blogging community with his own blog and his column for The Apiary. Apiary Editor-in-Chief Nate Sloan says, “Get a breakout title like ‘Chappelle’s Show,’ and sell three million copies on DVD at $25 apiece, and you’ll find 75 million reasons for MTV to invest in comedy."
Wait that quote was from the Human Giant article. The NY Times really needs a better copy editor.

Most readers will remember him for his work in "Human Giant"-
That's Aziz Ansari!

as well as his minor role in 13 Going on 30-
That's Maz Jobrani

and his Oscar-winning breakout role in Dreamgirls-
I really need to edit my Wikipedia entry.

Even in death though Mo Diggs has made people laugh.

Yeah, Ebaum's World has the video of the fateful rhino attack on its front page.
Was it not good enough for College Humor? That's the last time I smoke a cigarette with you, Streeter Seidell!

Comedian Award-winning comic and friend of Diggs, RG Daniels, remembers him fondly.
Wow that's cool. It's a quote so they can't mess this up.

"Mo died way too soon. He had so much potential. Just a few more years and he would have been funny."


Jerell said...

Mo was survived by his wife and two sons.
"Daddy petted rhino, then he went to sleep"

Poor kids.

RG Daniels said...

I didn't say that! I said, " Mo died exactly when we expected him to."

Damn this media!!