Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Remembrance of Videos Past #43: Various Artists, "Hands Across America"

You know how you do something so stupid that you wince 20 years later? The same thing happens to nations. The levels of corniness here are more layered than a Mutt Lange song.

First of all, the notion that an unbroken link of people holding hands across America was feasible is just durrr (anything is possible, but the Knicks have a better chance of winning the US Open). Also, Robin "Hackazoid" Williams brought a joy buzzer. Hyuk hyuk. Even before the Bobby McFerrin video he was a wild card.

The hacks across America that it inspired during the comedy boom - now that's something else. "We Are the World" was also lampooned, but David Cross can reference that song without blank stares. "The Simpsons" referenced "Hands" in '92, but what doesn't that show reference? Nowadays only shitty comedies like Beerfest, Biodome and "My Name is Earl" reference the song.

Right, a personal anecdote: some girl in my fourth grade class made a lame joke holding hands with her female friend; she sang "Hands Across the Classroom." Sad thing is, it was unfunny because it made more sense.

Yes you are reading a comedian's rant about "Hands Across America" 21 years later. I do not want to pull at this thread.

How sappy is this video? There's only a snippet on YouTube that isn't even 30-seconds long. Get ready for the only Lily Tomlin video more embarrassing than the Huckabees episode.

On the bright side, I remember why Kathleen Turner used to give me a boner. Because she was a pre-transgendered female back then with a functioning larynx.

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