Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This blog wants to pick a fight with u

What the fuck? What did you fucking say about not giving you enough links? Got something to say? Say it in the fucking comments. What did you say about the word "fuck?" Huh?

You want some hard fucking news? Fine Mary Tyler Moore: get out your fucking tape recorder and press badge. This one's an exclusive:

Editorial: Fuck Face, 1931-2007
A contradictory figure in world politics, Fuck Face should be remembered for the reforms he launched.

Fuckfacia today is not the Fuck Face Union of old, Pussyqueer Poontang notwithstanding. For that, you can both thank and curse Fuck Face, who died Monday at age 76.

Oh wait: the story needs artwork:

Sorry about the resolution.

Oh wow. Nevermind - I thought you were someone completely different.
I like your blog too.


Jerell said...

[clapping slowly]
Brava blog, Brava. Starting a blog fight, how original.

Mo Diggs said...

Brava? You saying I need breast enhancement motherfucker? Girls love my tits.