Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Remembrance of Videos Past #42: "Wonderbug"

If the Sid and Marty Krofft shows were LSD, this show was the most persistent, yet vague flashback. I remember watching this theme song and jumping up in the bed at age two as if I were in the bug. Unlike the other Krofft shows (Liddsville, Space Nuts) this one did not go into syndication. The last year it aired was 1978, making this theme song one of my earliest memories. Funny how pop culture shit takes you back more than the gold. The gold is always revisited by pop culture historians whereas the shit is not revisited until the last time it made its tiny dent in the American psyche . WARNING: this song is not pretty. It's like someone made it up off the top of his head.


Jon Clarke said...

That is awful.

I kind of remember it now but I always thought it was Speed Buggy, the animated Hanna Barbera show that was basically this mixed with Scooby Doo. It fared much better.

Mo Diggs said...

Masterpiece of understatement. That's like saying David Lynch is nutty.

Jerell said...

The freeze frame surprised look killed me.