Friday, April 06, 2007

Hey Mobile TV Developers...

If you'd like to make a call please hang up and try again. If you need help please dial the operator. TV networks must be insecure to think that less and less kids watch TV and more and more kids watch their cell phones. Maybe they are flocking to the World Wide Web, but not to their wireless provider. I ain't watching any supplemental episodes of "24" on my cell phone. Like that show needs supplements. Cuz we need to know what Jack Bauer does between 8:59 AM and 9:00 AM. Is that why they are always using cell phones in "24"? To catch up with the plot?

I can't hear myself talk in my own mobisode. DAMMIT!

Of course some people inisist comedy is perfect for mobile phones. It's quick and to the point. Point taken. But this idea will work when the iPhone comes out. And that's just because it will be like a mobile computer. Where I can download shows off iTunes or stream them from the network websites. But this idea of original cell phone content produced for cell phones? The only demographic you're gonna reach in this country is the obnoxious fucktard who wants to show off their cell phone demographic. Maybe there's a comedic genius out there who's a cross between Jacques Tati and Buster Keaton who's gonna make a brilliant cell phone comedy called "The Thimble vs. The Shaker of Salt," brilliantly utilizing the 1 inch cell phone screen for subtle sight gags and new ways of looking at comedy. But do you think for a second that Verizon or Cingular will bankroll this kind of comedy? Or will they only have room in the budget for "Valley Girl Meathead Poolside Awesomenity!"

Lastly, I think being a cell phone celebrity is the lowest form of celebrity imaginable. I write for The Apiary. I know enough people who don't understand the significance of this, even though it is easily one of the most important comedy websites - let alone blogs - on the Internet. Try telling people you have a hit cell phone show. Eventually your cell phone will say "Life failed" instead of "Call failed."

Honey I got my own mobile phone sitcom! Now I get free nights and weekends!

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