Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Strangest Comedy Friendship I've Heard of yet

Here's what Larry the Cable Guy said in a recent interview with Punchline Magazine:

Bill Hicks and I were friends, too. Bill Hicks thought I was hilarious. And if there was anybody that were polar opposites, it was me and him. But Bill Hicks was friends with all us Blue Collar guys. I know him and Jeff Foxworthy, as a matter of fact, were really good friends and he was a huge fan of Jeff’s. And so there are different styles of stand-up. And some comedians can be friends and disagree and some comedians can’t. I’m one of the ones that can disagree and be friends with people.

Wow. Goes to show that the world of comedy is small and, unlike in music, where Conor Oberst probably avoids hanging out with Chris Daughtry, comedians almost intentionally relish the idea of being strange bedfellows.

Like Larry the Cable Guy and Louis CK.(!)

When I was working in New York at Radio City Music Hall, Louis CK, who is a genius – I love Louis CK, I love his comedy. Louis CK came out to my show and we talked about that a little bit. You just write it off and move on. I’ve got bigger fish to fry.

Before you know it, LTCG and David Cross will squash their beef.

I never blasted David. I’m sure he’s a nice guy. If I met him I’d probably get along with him and have a beer with him. I never once hammered him at all. I ribbed him a little bit for getting on my fans. But I wished him the best of luck. He’s got a good career. He’s doing what he does and I do what I do, bless his heart


robert swayze said...

Leave ur blessings to David and forget what all happened...sometime u should let go of things instead of messing it up...thats all I feel..goodluck to u :)

Mo Diggs said...