Thursday, July 24, 2008

How To Get Rid Of MySpace Comedian Calendar Anxiety For Good

As if comedians weren't neurotic enough, here's one more thing to fuel our inferiority complex: calendar envy. No matter how many comedy shows you are booked for, someone's got more spots and better shows lined up. Look at Matt Ruby's calendar:

Now look at mine:

Not as impressive. But you could use your calendar for appointments and such as well. So if you put vague reminders with vague locations on your calendar, you can look like you got heat on you.

I added Moving Furniture @ Pete’s, Laundry @ 357 and Root Canal @ Steinman’s.
Now let's see:

This way, you stay on top of your shit and other comedians will probably ask to get on shows.

"Who run's Moving Furniture? And did Pete's move? Pete's Candy Store? Goddam developers!"


Lucas Held said...

7/23 Being Sad - Bed.
7/24 Being Sad- Bed.
7/24 Being Sad- Bed (w/special guest Todd Barry)

Mo Diggs said...

Haha-great tag!

Abbi said...

The calendar hanging in my kitchen has dinner dates with celebrities I have never met. In Sharpie.

Mo Diggs said...

One of those guests is Carol Channing isn't it

Ed Murray said...

Mo, did you forget that you agreed to host my anus next week?

Let's get it together, son. If this is going to be an issue, anyone else would be happy to host my anus.

I just like saying 'host my anus.'

Abbi said...

And I love hearing it.

Mo Diggs said...

i am hosting a new game show called So You Think You're An Anus

Jerell said...

Performing stand up during an actual root canal, painful and hilarious.

Mo Diggs said...

it's funny because of the nitrous o