Monday, July 21, 2008

What Does The Joker Find Funny?

Co-worker: (after receiving copy of daily report from Joker) "Thank you very little." Haha.

Joker: (puzzled look)

Co-worker: Caddyshack? Chevy Chase?

Joker: Haven't gotten around to that one.

Co-worker: OK what gives? When I gave that erotic gag gift from Spencer's to Floyd in sales -- the Chinese condoms, remember -- it just went over your head! Does anything make you laugh?

Joker: I have a...strange sense of humor.

Co-worker: Look I'm not judging you -- I get it, you are a part-time clown, everyone's taking it on the chin with this recession. But are clowns the only things that make you laugh?

Joker: No. (long pause) I like...physical comedy. You know...slapstick. I can watch people falling all day. All great comedy comes from pain. Not awkwardness, not non-sequiturs -- give me pure unbridled, unhinged agony anytime.

In all great comedy, someone has to get hurt. You know what the secret to comedy is?

Co-worker 1: Wha-(Joker shoves pencil in co-worker's eye)

Joker: Timing! Ahahahaha! (rest of the office laughs)

(voiceover announcer) William Shatner as The Joker, on The Office Thursdays this fall on NBC!


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you should play the jokerette in the next batman