Thursday, December 07, 2006


Remember this lame-o?

Now imagine this guy finding the following on Wikipedia and dying of cardiac arrest. Only true nerds need to look this stuff up.

Circle Jerk

A circle jerk usually refers to a group of boys or men masturbating together. The participants may or may not masturbate each other.

Sometimes this may be in the form of a game.

Dildo History

Dildos in one form or another have likely been present in society throughout history. Artifacts from the Upper Paleolithic which have previously been described as batons were most likely used for sexual purposes (Marshack 1972: 333; Vasey 1998: 420). However, there appears to be hesitation on the part of archaeologists to label these items as sex toys, as one archaeologist put it "Looking at the size, shape, and — some cases — explicit symbolism of the ice age batons, it seems disingenuous to avoid the most obvious and straightforward interpretation.

69 (sex position)

The sexual position 69, also known as soixante-neuf (taken from the French for the number), is one of the most commonly known sexual positions. In this position, two people orient themselves such that each person's mouth is near the other's genitals so that they can simultaneously perform oral sex on each other.[1] This can be done lying down, one on top of the other or side by side, or alternatively, one partner can stand while holding the other upside down.

I Promise We'll Never Eat Here Again, Honey

Notable Appearances of the Shocker

In the last episode of Sealab 2021 the commercials on the program that satirize the restaurant chain Applebees with Grizzlebees features an entrée called "The Shocker" which features, among other ingredients, sausages sticking out of bread obviously aligned to resemble the hand gesture. The commercial ends with the catchphrase, "You might have to talk her into it."

Vanity (performer)

Matthews appeared in B-movies such as Tanya's Island and Terror Train. In 1982 she met Prince who re-named her Vanity (saying he saw his female reflection when he looked at her) and she became the lead singer of singing group, Vanity 6, that same year. Prince produced the group's biggest hit "Nasty Girl". Their trademark was explicit sexuality in their lyrics, performances and attire. After one album, Vanity decided to leave her role in Vanity 6 and the proposed film Purple Rain in 1983. Vanity signed a lucrative record deal with Motown Records in 1984. She recorded two albums Wild Animal and Skin On Skin. She also starred in a handful of movies, including The Last Dragon, Action Jackson, and played a villain torturing Nancy Allen's character in 1990's amnesia-plot TV movie Memories of Murder (the film has appeared on the Lifetime channel). She posed for Playboy in 1988.

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