Friday, December 29, 2006

Funniest Website of '06: Diesel Sweeties

Ze Frank would have won but he's occasionally serious. Any comedian would have won, but they do not consistently update their pages. College Humor is awesome but occasionally lapses into predictable frat boy/meathead premises for their articles (Top Ten Things to Say to a Girl Who Caught You Slippin' Her a Roofie, etc.) No, I need the robot/goth/metalhead/indie snob/furrie webcomic soap opera to force those Chinese schoolgirl giggles out of me.

Like Seinfeld, Diesel Sweeties is about everything and nothing. There is a serial narrative, but I started reading it long after the first page. I put up an older comic below to give you guys a sample of the funniest website of the year. Yes, you are wasting time reading my blog.


Anonymous said...

I really need to see Seinfeld one of these days.



Mo! said...

Uh thank you. Wow awesome. I think this is R Stevens. Awesome!