Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Funniest Song of '06: Kramer Rap

I have seen the future of musical comedy and it is the mash-up. For years musical comedians have either written parodies or original songs. But if there is one thing that web surfers love, it's schadenfreude.

Surfers hate schadenfreude

With the mash-up, the most embarrassing moments are galvanized into crunktastic gold. And is anything more ironic than a rap song sung by a man who rants against blacks? "Dick in a Box" is funny as well, but "dick" is not the taboo word on the web. Thus I doff my fictional hat

Fictional Hat

to the Kramer Rap gang.


Anonymous said...

hey, the other version is funnier... just because of costanza's "that's not irish" line.

Mo! said...

i know I just wanted something embedded