Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ghost of Christmas Videos Past: Pretenders, "2000 Miles"

I'm going to be shopping/working very hard this week. I know, we had a gangbusters first year, ending up on the blogroll of TSOYA, Baron Vaughn, Giulia Rozzi, Carolyn Castiglia, Susie Felber, Dead Frog, The Apiary, Fast Hugs, Sammy Ray and Passion of the Weiss. But unlike group blogs like Gawker or Boing Boing, I am but one man and, yes it upsets me but I can't surf the web as much as I do during the non-holiday season.

But don't my blog readers deserve gifts? Of course. Here is a classic from the hippest era of Christmas music: the '80's. This one gets me because, unlike all the other festive lounge lizard ditties, "2000 Miles" is plaintive and lovely. It's like the "Sweet Jane" of Christmas songs (Cowboy Junkies steez).

Now if you want people to get you this song for Christmas make sure they don't get you the cheap Coldplay knock-off. You'll find a better imitation in Chinatown. While you're in Chinatown, go to an opium den and crank this on your iPod.

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