Friday, December 29, 2006

Funniest Post on this Blog for '06: Hot Rock Genres

If every post was funny, I wouldn't feel the need to give such a seemingly conceited award. But I have had whole weeks where I was not only unfunny but I didn't even try. You wonder why comedians rarely update their blogs? They save their best shit for the stage anyway. Even the posts that were funny on this blog started out serious. But like I said, I've had a good year. I'm on the blog rolls for all the major alternative comedy blogs. Some of the biggest music bloggers have linked to my stuff. Vh-1's Best Week Ever has linked to me(I'm "one taker" in this link) twice.

Here is the best blog post I've written all year. I get a lot of my best material on and offstage ranting like a music geek. Not the cool High Fidelity indie snob variety but the slack-jawed ne'er do-well flushing the jazz section at FYE. Reading Billboard, I got mad at the quality of music that made the modern rock charts. Thus I got to typing and penned this vitriolic missive about the sorry state of popular rock.

Enjoy Hot Rock Genres and have a happy new year. Let's hope Carson Daly uses the five point palm exploding heart technique on Ryan Seacrest.

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I love you!

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