Friday, December 08, 2006

Hey Sony

Stop trying to give us next-gen video formats. Betamax was a nightmare and according to this Dark Horizons article Blu-Ray is the next video format to go kerplunk. All because it was included with the PS3. Sony assumed that using their PS3 as a Trojan Horse for the digital video pestilence that is Blu Ray would be a sharp idea. Nevermind the fact that, uh, PCs, digital recorders, laptops and all other video game systems play DVDs. Did you really expect a nation to become early adopters so soon? Especially when the competing format is called HD-DVD? Do you think an Amsterdam resident would move to New Amsterdam or Red Grass? Nevermind.

Maybe Sony needs to put their video formats on the Surreal Life.

Betamax: Ooh, you like hot tubs, huh?
Vanity: Yes, but - wait-I'm born-again! Oh what the hell, let's go.
Betamax: Best part: I can get it all on tape-(sobs uncontrollably, runs away)

(cut to Vanity confessional segment)

Vanity: I was sooo boored. Until YouTube showed up.

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