Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Top Comedy Podcasts on Digg

While I was away, I caught Digg's new podcast section. Here are the top ten comedy podcasts.

1)Tiki Bar TV

2)Strong Bad Emails

3)The Onion Radio News

4)Ask A Ninja

5) Keith and The Girl

6) French Maid TV

7) The Show with Ze Frank

8) The Ricky Gervais Show

9) Nobody Likes Onions

10) Happy Tree Friends

Commentary: First of all, the number one comedy podcast has 2790 diggs. Number ten has 310. That's a 2480 digg drop man. Indeed I think it's important to look at who is in the Digg Thousandaire club. Tiki Bar, Strong Bad and The Onion are. So mixed drink sketch comedy, surreal cartoon comedy and fake news comedy take the cake. How does stand-up fare? Not bad. Keith and the Girl often has guests like Liam Mcaneany and Greg Giraldo.

But do stand-ups have their own popular podcast? Depends. #17 is Comedy Central stand-up video. Within that podcast the most dugg episode is the Christian Finnegan one. But that's a one minute clip. The biggest, at number 21, is Jimmy Pardo's Never Not Funny.

OK this is boring. Let me look at the music podcasts and make fun of the hipsters. The biggest indie podcast on Digg (Paste Culture Club) is at number 25. This is the web, where every blog never fails to remind you how every breath you draw is false because you haven't heard the latest TV on the Radio album yet. But that's just it: Digg hates bloggers. Even the blog posts that make the front page have one comment about how bloggers are stupid. Of course, in Hipsterburg, blogs course through the sickly veins of all the pale indie fans. Word to the wise: if you are a hipster comic or critic, get your podcast the fuck away from Digg. Still not convinced? The Burg (a show I actually like) has two (2) fucking Diggs! Perhaps hipster comedy isn't so hot on Digg either. Yes, I'm gonna break it to you hipsters: nerds with tape on their glasses and halitosis in their crusty mouths are more popular than you are. People would literally rather watch an iPod in a blender than watch that cell phone video of My Morning Jacket at Lollapalooza.

And they find this show funnier than The Burg.

Tiki Bar TV

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