Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Worst Videos of '07

Worst Comedy Video of '07: Saddam Hussein Execution

The dialogue is forced, the slapstick is graceless and it's really hard to relate to Saddam as a protagonist.

Worst Music Video of '07: 4 Year Old Drummer

I'm sorry, but did we not get the memo that jazz fusion is soo 1973? And I know you don't want to do idiotic Eddie Van Halen mugging, but could we at least blink? My three year old nephew could do better!

Worst Horror Video of '07: VJ Vanessa Minnillo drops the "F" Bomb on MTV's New Year's Eve

And the award for delayed reaction goes to...


sammyray said...

I thought Saddam took the whole thing rather gracefully... much better than the way I would.

Mo! said...

So you're saying he's the Buster Keaton of dictators? Meh, different strokes for different folks.