Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Generic Hollywood Blockbuster Comedy iPod Shuffle Meme

(from my post on A Special Thing)

I love iPod Shuffle memes. I made this one for the soundtrack to a Generic Hollywood Blockbuster Comedy.


1)Match the shuffled songs in sequence to the category.
2)Do not skip tracks. Include all songs (podcasts and comedy shows are understandable exceptions.)


1)Opening credits
2)Obligatory xbox 360 male bonding scene
3)Love of your life walks in
4)Friend says "dude you love her/him;" you pointlessly deny it
5)Obligatory pothead friend scene
6)You see your love with asshole boyfriend/girlfriend
7)Meet girl's/guy's rich parents
8)Girl/Guy inexplicably thinks you are an asshole for some lame reason
9)Obligatory animal pot smoking scene
10)Catch Asshole cheating on girlfriend/boyfriend
11)Fight asshole
12)Kiss girl/guy
13)Stoner kisses dog
14)End credits

My Generic Blockbuster Soundtrack

1)Opening credits ("Hey Mama," Kanye West) full of Super 8s, I'm sure
2) Obligatory Xbox 360 male bonding scene ("Deh Pon Dem," Soulletes) Reggae=reefer
3) Love of your life walks in ("The Man Comes Around," Johnny Cash) Haha
4) Friend says "dude you love her;" you pointlessly deny it ("Different Names for the Same Thing," Death Cab for Cutie)
5) Obligatory pothead friend scene ("Slippi," Animal Collective) Very appropriate
6) You see your love with asshole boyfriend ("L'Arena," Ennio Morricone [Kill Bill Soundtrack]) Showdown scene
7) Meet girl's rich parents ("Oh Valencia,"Decemberists )
8) Girl inexplicably thinks you are an asshole for some lame reason ("The Guy on the 14th floor," The Manhattan Love Suicides)
9) Obligatory Animal Pot Smoking Scene ("Love and Happiness," Al Green)
10) Catch Asshole cheating on girlfriend ("Such Great Heights," Postal Service)
11) Fight asshole ("Ones," Islands) "My mouth, my eyes, my ears, my nose, oh oh"
12) Kiss girl ("The Hand That Feeds, " Nine Inch Nails [DFA Remix]) Hate kiss as prelude to hate fuck?
13) Stoner kisses dog ("Feng Shui," Gnarles Barkley)
14) End credits ("Sofa No. 2," Frank Zappa)

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