Friday, January 26, 2007

The Top Internet Comedy Celebrities According to Forbes

Forbes has a list of the top Internet celebrities. I sorted the funny ones out for you.

Ze Frank: The
only one on the list actually featured in The Web Celeb 25 (at #11). Though some episodes of The Show have lame dick jokes, to paraphrase Rilo Kiley, when he's on, he's really fucking on.

Ask a Ninja: Like all the others on this list besides Ze, Ask a Ninja is featured in the fictional stars section. A ninja answering e-mails sounds an awful lot like the next character's schtick.

Strong Bad: Before Ask a Ninja, The Brothers Chaps were selling and distributing their own merchandise. Only Eugene Mirman can match the anarchic wordplay and warped logic of Strong Bad.

Master Chief: Though Red vs. Blue is the more popular machinima, I prefer The Strangerhood. I'm also a hairy vagina who occasionally enjoys playing The Sims.

Leeroy Jenkins: That whole thing in the header about the Internet being one of the worst things to hit comedy ever. I'm only half-joking.

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