Thursday, January 25, 2007

Alternative Tragedy Night

I do not hate alternative comedy, but like anything (including alcohol, pot, sex and LSD) I can only have so much. Besides having my fill of the alt-trappings ('80s nostalgia, absurdism) the comedy itself can be a bit much. What if we transferred all that alternative hipness from laughter to tears? I propose an Alternative Tragedy Night at UCB. Or the PIT.

Alternative comedians tend to dress up like hipsters, wacky characters or wacky hipster characters.

Alternative tragedians dress up in their work clothes, realizing that life does not get better than freelance or temping.

Alternative comedians use bizarre, colorful non-sequiturs to make sure their comedy does not sound routine.

Alternative tragedians whine about the strangest things ("If we switch to alternative fuels, we might never see the day when cars fly.")

Alternative comedians use different kinds of media (PowerPoint, film, drawings).

Alternative tragedians use different kinds of medication (Wellbutrin, weed, Sizzurp).

Alternative comedians make references to indie rock and get laughs.

Alternative tragedians make references to indie rock...on the mixtape they just made.

Alternative comedians scoff at the two-drink minimum rule.

Alternative tragedians scoff at the two Xanex and alcohol rule.

Alternative comedians might not get exposure on TV but have a cult following on the Web.

Alternative tragedians have no exposure on TV or the Web because they joined a cult in West Virginia.

Alternative comedians play with the rules of comedy.

Alternative tragedians play with the rules of gravity.

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