Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Epic Movie: A Blog Office Bomb of Epic Proportions

Here are some blog reviews I culled from Technorati.

Watching this movie is the Hollywood version of looking at a scrapbook of the worst, most embarrassing moments of your life, and both feature some guy who isn’t Borat going “Niiiiice” -Alex Blagg, Best Week Ever Blog

Yes, the public's capacity for urine jokes and kicks to the crotch proved endless -- or, if not endless, then worth $19.2 million -- as Epic Movie dominated the box office in, uh, epic fashion.-Patricia Chui, Cinematical

The degeneration of America continues as Epic Movie tops the charts.-Donkey Sosa

Playing the Teddybears in your promo guarantees the work sucks (Epic Movie,"Bones"). If you need an actor or writer for Space Movie or any future spoofs, I'm available.-Mo Diggs, Mo!

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