Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Second Comedy Boom? Cocked Eyebrow?

Reuters has declared this the second, tech-fueled comedy boom. Or should we say... dot-comedy boom. What, someone's already told that joke?

``It just works very well on different types of screens,'' said Mitchel Fried, senior vp promotion and marketing at Comedy Central. ``Whether you see Artie Lange on a 20-foot screen or your phone or your iPod, it doesn't matter, he's funny. And stand-up in particular, it's just one body there. You don't need a landscape.''

It sure doesn't matter what screen I see him on. Get ready to have your mind blown:

In fact, many teens lately are more apt to know the names of such hot comedians as Brian Regan, Dane Cook and Frank Caliendo than what new music tops the charts.

Teenagers are more likely to know Brian Regan than Beyonce? That's what this article claims without even a sub-atomic shred of evidence. No wonder the New York Times has a Reuters feed.

I'm more popular than Akon. No wonder he's so lonely.


Cibbuano said...

Is Akon really lonely anymore? Doesn't he have his piles of money to keep him company? Can't he fashion a princess out of his piles of money?

Mo Diggs said...

No,he's not a comedian.