Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Chin-Strokers Take It On The Chin

Last night I got stoned and saw "Benchwarmers" - a movie so bad, I won't link to it. Enjoy your thirty nanoseconds, Jon Heder.

The premise is about nerds who want to play baseball but get bullied by meatheads. It was originally called "Worst News Bears."

Steve Byrne - a "cringe" comic who comes from the Dice Clay/Opie and Anthony school of comedy - calls out Demetri Martin and Stella in an interview with Cringe Humor.

"And then you’ve got a bunch of those fucking chin-strokers like Stella and Demetri Martin, the kind of guys that are strumming a guitar and stuff. The industry is in love with people like that. On the one hand, I can appreciate their acts, but on the other, these are the people that are getting too many of the opportunities. Audiences in Indiana or Ohio don’t really give a shit about a clever act."

"A bunch of these guys that are picking up guitars now and putting them in their acts—I just wanna Animal-House them. I just want to grab it and smash it against the wall, and tell them, 'Dude, what are you doing? Stop trying to be different.' Because what everybody’s doing is not different anymore."

The difference is this isn't a Hollywood movie, so I bet Demetri Martin and Stella take this lying down.

As will I - Steve Byrne has done comedy longer than I have.

I do disagree with the sentiment "stop trying to be different" though. It sounds like he's whimpering in frustration at the fact that Stella and Martin are geniuses.

Update: Thanks Apiary for linking to me.

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Maria Maria said...

I really think that's the only issue with this film. If you've been a fan of Adam Sandler's work (this is a Happy Madison production), you'll like this movie. Not only was it produced by Sandler, but it was co-written by one of his longtime buddies Allen Covert. If you go into this movie not knowing what to expect, that's your own fault. I know this movie won't be received well by critics, but when has ANYTHING that Sandler's done ever been? Ontop of that it features Jon Heder aka Napoleon Dynamite. To me, this was a huge added bonus. I love Sandler movies, and I loved Napoleon Dynamite. Many people feel Heder's a terrible actor, but I think his delivery is hysterical. I found myself laughing throughout this film, and thought it supplied Heder with more great one-liners that will be quoted for the next year. After saying that, some of you might turn your nose up at me and tell me that I wouldn't know what a good movie is, but I enjoy and cherish Casablanca, The Godfather: Part II, and Good Will Hunting as much as anybody, but forgive me if I like to enjoy a little mindless laughter at times. If you didn't like Billy Madison, The Hot Chick, or Napoleon Dynamite, you'll hate this movie, no doubt. But then why would you even go see it in the first place? medico en linea doctor en linea psicólogo en linea veterinario en linea abogado en linea abogado España abogado chile abogado costa rica psiquiatra en linea mecanico en linea I expected a very poor quality comedy, but this was anything but. I am giving this movie a "10" because it is a comedy, and it made me laugh almost non-stop, so in my opinion it was an amazing success. This movie does have its share of physical humor and toilet brand jokes, but it is well rounded with quick sharp wit as well, so unless you just hate humor in general, go see this movie. My only regret was seeing it in a packed theater because a lot of the jokes were strung together in such a quick manner that the laughter from the entire theater most likely made me miss some stuff. The actor that played David Spade's brother stole the show completely. Without giving anything away I have to say I laughed almost to the point of crying, as did the entire theater it seemed, and as the credits rolled i actually heard clapping from the audience. I don't want to hype it up to much, but its hard not to, so just go see the damn movie already.