Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fun With Military Jargon

Now don't get it twisted - I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Bolshevik and I don't split hairs when it comes to how we honor soldiers. Write a corny country song, make a virtual reality Indian burial ground, make a finger painting in their memory - with a gorilla doing the finger painting - it don't worry me.

Anyway, I saw this sign at Eisenhower Park that pissed me off:

Note: this is a parking sign. So this is how we remember our prisoners? With parking lot puns?

Well, let me have some fun with military jargon.

My clothes are MIA (Made in America)

I actually like WWII better (Wayne's World 2)

Despite popular opinion, there is no evidence of WMD's (white man dicks).

You know what Eisenhower Park? You're right - this is fun! You're the best Park In Several States (PISS).

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