Tuesday, April 11, 2006

DS Stands for Destroy Society

On May 29, Nintendo will release a game called Big Brain Academy. This game tells you what brain type you have.

Though this feature has not been announced yet, I fear that stupid people will be able to meet other people with a similar brain type. With Nintendogs, two people playing at the same time are alerted of each other when their DS barks.

What if your DS says "duh" when you pass a Brain Academy player with a similar IQ? Will "duh" become the new mating call? When two stupid people mate, the chances of passing on the chromosomal anomaly are doubled. We don't need the DS to help morons reproduce - it's bad enough that we have MySpace.

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Maria Maria said...

Big Brain Academy, known in Japan as Yawaraka Atama Juku (やわらかあたま塾?), is a puzzle video game published and developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS handheld video game console. It was first released in Japan on June 30, 2005, and was later released in North America on June 5, 2006, in Australia on July 5, 2006, and in Europe on July 7, 2006. It has been compared to Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!.[citation needed] It is marketed under the Nintendo's Touch! Generations brand.A sequel, Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree, was released on the Wii in April 2007.
The TV advertisements for Big Brain Academy was not only to debut the game, but also the Nintendo DS Lite system.In Big Brain Academy, tests are done in order to measure a brain's mass. The heavier the brain, the smarter the brain is or the better its reaction time. There is no single game mechanism to Big Brain Academy; as it is an assortment of puzzles with no one puzzle having greater priority than the other. There are three modes of play: Test mode, Practice mode, and Versus mode. medico online doctor online psicólogo online veterinario online abogado online abogado España online abogado chile online abogado costa rica online psiquiatra online mecanico online Test mode consists of a formal test consisting of five puzzles, with one puzzle taken at random from each of the five categories to determine the player's brain mass. After the test, the player is given a letter grade. Dr. Lobe (the "headmaster" of Big Brain Academy) also assess what areas the player needs to improve in and what ranking they would be; professions include museum curator, librarian, astronaut, investor, fashion stylist, diplomat, cave man, Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, politician, poet, banker, doctor, musician, etc.