Friday, April 14, 2006

Reality Show Syndrome

In 2000, before the egalitarian promise of Internet fame via a viral video, there was reality TV.

Reality TV began in earnest in the '90's, but with Survivor's CBS debut in 2000, a new element was added: voting off. This led to cruel dating shows (Elimidate, 5th Wheel). It also led to Reality Show Syndrome.

What is Reality Show Syndrome? What isn't reality show syndrome?

Take American Idol. Please.

Pro: Amateurs can potentially become pop stars overnight. Audience can vote.
Con: Judges, not audience members, choose the singers

THIS is where the syndrome comes into play. Sure you can vote for your favorite singer or comic, but judges (or in Last Comic Standing's case, studio execs) choose the entertainers that go on the show.

Problem is, Simon Cowell only sees money. He plays close to the chest. So he would never pass a Bob Dylan or a Lou Reed. Hell, Jimi Hendrix probably never would have sang "Purple Haze" if Cowell crushed his psychedelic spirit.

The comedians on Last Comic Standing are also assembly-line quality. The entertainers from both shows sound like they are supposed to.


Will the web suffer the same fate?

Answer: Not really. It is true that sensational, titillating virals that reference geek culture tend to arouse more interest than, say, dry observations.

But the ROUTES that people take to get attention make all the difference. Lip synching to a Eurodance song is sophmoric, but Numa Numa would have been too weird to get the greenlight from a studio exec.

Don't believe me? Look, I read Cringe Humor ironically - meathead comedy is great to laugh at (not WITH, at) - but I read this comedian's account of his audition for Last Comic Standing. This is what the exec said to another comic:

What the fuck do you think this is? Do you think it’s really a talent search? It’s reality TV. They already picked who they want. They already know. All they wanted with this was a line around the fucking block

A line of uncut Bolivian coke I bet. Fucking scum of thea earth.

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