Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Speaking of Virtual Death

AT&T has replaced Wal-Mart as the corporation I hate most.

Read Cory Doctorow's excellent analysis if you can't log into Salon.

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Maria Maria said...

AT&T is a huge, publicly traded corporation that has a legal and moral responsibility to both it's current and future customers, as well as a fiscal responsibility to its shareholders. In many areas, like local landlines, it has a government mandated monopoly, which brings with it huge responsibilities to serve the public good. In other areas, it is one of maybe two choices for residents to have access to important life saving communications. Moreover, it owns large amounts of critical infrastructure, including public airwaves and internet backbones on public thoroughfares, that make it an important player in America's overall economic well being. It should be at the vanguard of tech and finance. medico por internet doctor por internet psicólogo por internet veterinario por internet abogado abogado España por internet abogado chile por internet abogado costa rica por internet psiquiatra por internet mecanico por internetSo why does it keep acting like a crooked desert horse trader or a slimy used car salesman? Why is it constantly scamming and scheming and welching and hustling America? It should be the finest company in the USA. There is nothing standing in it's way but it's own greed and laziness. It continually acts as if it would rather steal a nickel than earn a dime.