Friday, April 07, 2006

Yeah Yeah No

Yeah: Show Your Bones received rave reviews, particularly from Village Voice and PopMatters.

Yeah: Show Your Bones charted high on Billboard.

No: Show Your Bones does not have the highest rock album debut of the week. That honor goes to Rob Zombie's Educated Horses.

Though I'm tempted to say that children - a more and more coveted demographic - are responsible for this travesty, I suspect that extreme white punks at mini-marts nationwide are the ones to blame. I could just see it now:
Extreme Dude #1: Dude, that album's called "Show Your Bones."
Extreme Dude #2: I'll show her my bone, all right.
XD#1: What? Rob Zombie? Extreme!
XD#2: Extreme! I'll show him my bone, all right.
XD#1: What?
XD#2: I'll show him my loan.
XD#1: Extreme!

Man, I really feel like an '80's alternative fan who grumbled as Whitesnake ruled the airwaves, forcing The Replacements and Daniel Johnston to the margins.

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