Thursday, August 31, 2006

Andrew Dice Clay and VH-1 Went up the Hill, Both with a Buck and a Quarter

According to the Best Week Ever blog, Andrew Dice Clay will have his own reality show. Because we don't have enough eighties has-beens with their own reality shows.

Cameras will follow Clay around to various comedy clubs as he tries to regain some of the status and edge that made him a cult figure in the 1980’s, as well as footage from his rocky homelife. Leather jacket and Dep styling gel enthusiasts have never been more jazzed.

As well as footage from his rocky homelife? This is a guy who made jokes about smacking women. Talk about understatement. That's like saying you have candid footage of Jim Jones's Kool-Aid loving cult following. Of course I will watch, but only because I love all shows about stand-up. Still, nothing will beat the old days. Call me cynical, but I find the audiences in this Dice clip a quintillion times funnier than Dice himself (stand-up starts at 2:41).

(courtesy of eminem4evr)

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