Thursday, August 24, 2006

Infinite Comedy Albums?

Wired magazine on Beck's "infinite" album

Release a traditional 13-track CD? No thanks, says Beck. Instead he puts out a cycle of songs, remixes and videos that fans can string together any way they want.

What an ingenious, original concept. Could this be done with comedy albums? I've been inspired to try looking at my jokes as strings of thoughts that can be infinitely remixed, kind of like cut-ups. Here's one example:

My second grade teacher put me in the corner because when asked to use the word "weather" in a sentence, I said "The weather was sexy." So anyway, I'm pretty sure if most of you had the choice between wiping out whole populations in the name of God or just destroying someone who bothers you like the Satanists would, you would choose the latter.

I don't know, maybe my fans should remix my material instead.

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