Thursday, August 31, 2006

Half-Ass Liveblog of VMAs

I tuned in late, so here's my half-assed commentary.

Why do this? I left a googol of comments in Stereogum's page and figured I would just bring it to my blog instead.

10:02 - Ringtone of the year. Neo said some shit about the effort it takes to download someone's song. Yeah, real hard work. Fort Minor won, a bunch of girls waved their cell phones and my heart is sinking.

10:03 - Jay Z was executive producer for this shit? Imagine if he worked with Ratatat?

10:05 - Pete Wentz wears a cape and introduced Poser! at the Disco.

10:06 - Panic! lead singer is wearing a top hat. Pfft! How passe! Zoot suits are the new retro craze.

10:08 - I can't watch anymore of this bullshit. THAT'S why I call this a Half-Ass Liveblog of the VMAs.


Nilina said...

I'm stealing "Poser! at the Disco"

Mo! said...

Steal Panic! while you're at it.