Friday, August 18, 2006

For Your Ironic Consideration: The Original Anti-Iraq War Music Video

Hey it's part of the zeitgeist to be anti-war. It's also trendy to be ironic. How, but how, do you make an ironic anti-war statement?

It has something to do with Al Jarreau, Sebastian Bach and MC Hammer.

(courtesy of woodenshipsjp)
Yes, you just saw Michael McDonald and Iggy fucking Pop in the same music video.

Update: Stereogum linked to me again. Thank you. And, in case you don't know who Stereogum is (I've been assuming you do) it's an awesome indie rock blog. What sets it apart is its attention to pop minutiae.


Cibbuano said...

man, that was 1991... can we all just assume that was the worst year for music videos and music fashion?

Great find!

Mo! said...

Yes, 91 was the worst until Nirvana broke big. So pre-Nirvana '91 was a nightmare