Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Remembrance of Videos Past #2

For the longest time, I thought "Welcome to the Jungle" was a fake rock and roll parody meant to be played in a Clint Eastwood movie. Indeed, I thought Jim Carrey sang the song.

In the trailer for the 1988 Dirty Harry film "The Dead Pool," "Welcome to the Jungle" is playing in the background. One of the scenes shows the singer: Jim Carrey lip synching the song with this huge spiky magenta wig. For whatever reason, I always preferred Jim Carrey's interpretive dance to Axl Rose's relatively lazy methed-up moonwalk.

I couldn't find the trailer, but thanks to Helvetet I found the next best thing: scenes from the movie. One of them has the Jim Carrey interpretation. The other two have Gn'R members as extras. The song ends halfway through the video, so you could skip the rest if you'd like, but you would miss Slash firing a harpoon.


Cibbuano said...

goddamn, jim carrey is good.

Now, I've got to watch that movie!

Mo! said...

Yeah man. Make it a double feature with Eternal Sunshine at marvel at the progress of an artist