Monday, August 28, 2006

Remembrance of Videos Past #6: Hugh Cornwell, "Another Kind of Love"

Back when MTV played videos, they had a feature called "Breakthrough Video." These were idiosyncratic, surreal short films that pushed the envelope. Sometimes, the songs weren't so great, but the videos were spectacular. Hugh Cornwell's (or shall we say Jan Svankmajer's [the director])"Another Kind of Love" was one of those videos.

Hugh Cornwell, former singer and guitarist for punk/new wave band The Stranglers, is the singer/songwriter of this mediocre non-hit that time forgot. "Another Kind of Love" was one of those singles that only made sense on MTV. The surreal claymation held my attention. It was like Pee Wee's Playhouse with boobies.

I don't even remember liking the video. I simply couldn't look away. Then and now, I still can't figure it out, though one guy thinks he can . All I can discuss is what I observe. This guy and girl are formed of clay. The lady craps newspapers out of her head and Hugh Cornwell cowers in fear - perhaps the newspapers are right-wing tabloids? Then she melts into nothing and a clay bust of Hugh Cornwell transforms into a wolf-pig, then a formless lump of clay. The lady reappears because conservatives love people who are easy to mold. At the end they hook up and the crumpled right-wing newspapers march all over the floor, presumably because of all the immoral Claymation sex in this video.

Try looking at Play-Do without a pang of lust after this video.

(courtesy of sanslatete)

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