Thursday, August 24, 2006

Old Media's Stupid Take on Race and MySpace

Race: Yes, they are going to make a Survivor season in which different races compete against each other. Because minorities don't compete against white people for money and prestige enough. Maybe as The Assimilated Negro says, the one who assimilates best will win. Imagine a bunch of hot white chicks gossiping about a bearded A-rab (full disclosure: I'm a dune coon).

MySpace: In a bid to outdo Viacom's (which owns CBS) recent plunge into coprophagic, bib-wearing stupidity, NewsCorp (which owns MySpace) allowed Tom to even consider partnering with Nylon and publishing a MySpace magazine. Here's what you should expect if MySpace magazine gets published:

* comments underneath the advertisements ("Thanks for the ad!")
* ghastly page layouts akin to the cringe-inducing wallpapers on MySpace profiles
* shirtless meatheads "interviewing" Tila Tequila by quoting "Anchorman" lines ("I want to be on you")
* Dane Cook taking comedy to the next level by verbally describing his act, which consists solely of jerky arm movements
* Unsigned emo-metal bands stapling their demos to each MySpace page


Cibbuano said...

a myspace magazine? Finally!

Every issue should have Tila Tequila on it, because she is the epitome of class and grace.

Mo! said...

Indeed. She's this geneation's answer to Audrey Hepburn.