Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bateman 365 is up to 365

Yes, Scott Bateman released his last flash animation today after releasing one every day for 365 days. His last animation is an awesome end credits sequence.

But just because he stopped there doesn't mean you have to. Here are some great comedy/music cartoons from the past year.


Mike O'Connel

The stand-up page has more famous comedians like Eugene Mirman and Michael Showalter, but this Michael O'Connel cartoon poem has an demented, go-for-broke zaniness that sets it apart from the rest. Mike O'Connel is the Tex Avery of poetry.

Reggie Watts

Let Eugene Mirman explain:

"Amazing and unlike anything you have ever seen. Unless you have seen a comedic stream of conscious operatic beat-boxing marvel. Then it's like that."—Eugene Mirman (from Reggie Watts website)


Yo La Tengo cover "Tighten Up"

Ted Leo covers "Maps"

I can only imagine what that Bateman will do next.

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Cibbuano said...

everyday? How can someone be that dedicated? I'm envious...