Thursday, October 12, 2006

BILLBORED: Hipsters and Goths Beat Red State Rock Jocks

On the rock albums chart, Evanescence is #1. Score one for the goths. Hitsters The Killers debut at #2, while fellow hitsters Jet score a slot at #7. Beck lands at #3 despite those wacky stickers.

Mind you, Nickelback and Hinder are still on the charts, but they are surrounded by a bunch of pale goths, fey hitsters and one musical genius. The decline of red state rock on the charts (Rolling Stone recently gave that description of Nickelback and Hinder because they do well in red states)coincides nicely with the fall of the GOP. Could it be that the same people jumping off the good ship lolliGOP are also abandoning postgrunge for postpunk?

On the Hot 100, red state jocks still rule. Which makes sense: most stations playing those singles are owned by conservative, red-state friendly Clear Channel. Let's hope Grey's Anatomy cures us all of Billboredom.

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