Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Feature: Amateur Minute

Since I have lost faith in "indie" purity and am more interested in the online amateur revolution, I have come up with Amateur Minute (as opposed to Amateur Hour. Ba-dum-bump).

Today on Amateur Minute, I present folk/pop band Mostly Sunny. Usually I add bands that give me friend requests on MySpace without looking at their profile. Lucky for these people, I just went through two days of deleting porn spam from my friend request inbox and was relieved to see only one this morning. From these guys. I strongly recommend listening to the last song on their MySpace Player, "Salty Waters." I can just imagine it during a heartbreaking moment on a TV show.

Play the song ("Salty Waters") in a different tab (you do have Firefox, don't you) and read this impromptu, ersatz script from a fictional teenage TV show called "Vanessa Venus."

Rogan: Hey.
Vanessa: Well, if it isn't Prince Charmin.
R: Look, I didn't-
V: Just stop. We're in senior year, Rogan. This is your life we're talking about.
R: It was Halloween. "Area Man Toilet Papers House on Halloween. Stop the Presses."
V: "Spineless Conformity." Ah, the smell of it.
R: Fine, I'm sorry.
V: No, I'm sorry. (sobs)
R: Want a tissue? (takes a piece of toilet paper off the bottom of his shoe)

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