Thursday, October 19, 2006

Top YouTube Comedy Videos

The problem with tagging: if you don't tag your work properly, you won't be appropriately ranked. That's why I made the list of top comedian blogs myself: many comedians did not properly tag their blogs on Technorati, thus according to the engine I have a top ten comedian blog.

Well Borat and Dave Letterman didn't put comedy tags on their most viewed videos, thus this is the most-viewed comedy video of the day

If I ever smoke what that guy is smoking please stab me in the face.

Top-Rated: Spooky Bear

I have a love/hate relationship with this "wisdom of the crowds" thing. What is featured on YouTube's front page?

Top of YouTube Featured List: Olde English, "Ben Takes a Photo of Himself Every Day"

Now that's more like it.


Chief Scientist said...

Well how do you tag them properly? I bet I'd have to be the funniest scientist on Technorati if I tagged properly.

Mo! said...

Are you waiting for my permission? Do it!