Friday, October 27, 2006

Casual Comedy II

In my previous casual comedy post I didn't define casual comedy.

Casual comedy is comedy that

a) requires less than ten minutes of your time (like a viral video)
b) (more importantly) that doesn't even seem to require much effort to be funny from the creators

It's really similar to casual games. Though video game/comedy nerds like myself buy console games like Dead Rising and watch comedy specials like "When the Leaves Blow", more and more webheads are playing casual games on Digg and watching (often unintentionally) funny videos on YouTube.

Videos like this creepy PS3 commercial.

With all this unintentionally funny stuff going around the office,will intentional comedy be obsolete? Not likely. The top YouTube comedy video of the week is the Let's Go to Prison trailer.

But there is a new brand of comedy that isn't self-aware and that wants to be anything but funny.

Aleksey Vayner wanted a job, not a spot at ASSSCAT.

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