Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Leave TV Theme Songs Alone

Looking up "Veronica Mars," I stumbled on a great blog called Silly Pipe Dreams. I thought I was the only one peeved with the remix to the "Veronica Mars" theme song. Captain Oats concurs. The "Weeds" theme song has been going through an annoying experiment as well. Each episode a new artist covers the Malvina Reynolds classic "Little Boxes." All of the renditions are abysmal. Even Elvis Costello's.

Doesn't seem like a big deal, tinkering with a TV theme song, right? Imagine the "Batman" theme on harmonica instead of guitar, or an emo "Fresh Prince of Bel Air." Now put down the revolver and take a deep breath. There is an amazing correlation between theme song transmogrifications and a decline in the show's content. Remember when "Diff'rent Strokes" decided to have a new salsa version of the theme song? Of course you don't; you immediately fumbled for the remote and switched to "Hotel." The one where Bert Convy beats up his wife.

It's not too late. No one will mind the return of the non-remixed Dandy Warhols song with the clip package at the beginning of "Veronica Mars." And I'm pretty sure most "Weeds" watchers won't mind the Malvina Reynolds version coming back. Most of them will probably forget it was gone to begin with.

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