Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Remembrance of Videos Past #31: Bon Jovi, "Living in Sin"

Welcome to part III of my week-long hair metal retrospective. Today, I'm featuring a power ballad.

"Living in Sin" is the most overlooked power ballad ever and the most awkward choice for a wedding song. As a kid who went to Catholic school despite the fact that my mom was Muslim, this song spoke to me. Released in '89, when I was 13, this ballad was a difficult one to dance to. Every slow dance I had at every boy/girl party, I thought about sex. Sure the song is about actually "executing the command." But what about mausturbating? Thinking about sex? These days I'm a liberated atheist who has no qualms with slow dancing though I do feel guilty for liking this Jon Bon Jovi-penned monstrosity from the Bush I era.


sammyray said...

Um, apparently my subconscious, in an effort to preserve my mind intact through the awkward teenage years and into adulthood, blocked the memory of this song. For obvious reasons.

Thanks so much for ruining my mental conditioning.

Mo! said...

This may be the highest complement anyone has paid me. Thank you.