Wednesday, February 14, 2007

On a Personal Note: My First Non-Single Valentine's Day

Today is Tara's first non-single Valentine's day with her lover. It's also my first with Amy. Of course with my luck it snows. It's like Cupid is up there saying "Man, I accidentally shot that girl so that she liked Mo Diggs instead of Joe Briggs."

So now the snow's my punishment; it's meant to keep people inside so I have no more arrow manslaughters."


TaraMetBlog said...

aw sorry the snow is messing up your first non-single Valentine's Day. Hopefully you and Amy will do a snow check. Just think of how the weather is also effecting all the florists and restaurant owners today, it's the second most popular sales day for both industries (Mother's Day is first).

Amye said...

For the record, Mo and I made it to the city just fine. Although it took us about four hours when it normally takes one. It's cold and there's snow on the ground, but nothing kept us from V-Day!