Monday, February 12, 2007

Pop Comedy Hits

Robert Lloyd of the LA Times compared comedy to pop music in his recent article on Adult Swim.

Of all the arts, comedy is the closest to pop music; perhaps because the new wave is always defined by the young, eager to separate itself from what came before and to own what comes next.

So what are the pop comedy hits? Dude romances with male lead characters who are afraid to grow up (i.e., The Break-Up) do great at the box office. So do "mom-edys" like Monster-in-Law. Other hit comedy genres include the Unironic Racist Comedy (Norbit, which was #1 at the box office, has Eddie Murphy dress up like a Chinaman and make fun of him; Carlos Mencia, who is one of the top comedians on MySpace, once told Dre and Snoop that he was gonna tell nigger jokes; a few people in Dre's posse pulled guns on Mencia) and MySpace comedy (David Lehre's MySpace movie made him and his website so popular he has his own Fox TV show). And of course, absurd cartoons like "Aqua Teen Hunger Force."

This means I have the formula for a hit comedy: a movie about a racist slacker dude who hooks up with a MILF on MySpace. He must save her from a talking falafel with superpowers. It's called May-December Romance on MySpace: P.S. Muslims Suck

Here's a sample of the script:

Racist dude: Dude, wanna shoot a goat?
MILF: Uh, no thanks?
Racist dude: Not even while a Muslim's fucking it?
MILF: No thanks.
RD: OK, well how about you come with me and while you check your MySpace on your Helio non-phone, I shoot a Muslim and the goat he's fucking?
(cut to couple outside of Muslim goat fucker's hotel room)
RD: Dude, that's sick. Let me shoot the goat. (fires) Bullseye.
MILF: Wait, let me shoot the Arab. (fires)Wow, that was awesome. Just like Camus's The Stranger. I feel so...
RD: Alive?
MILF: Yes (they kiss)
SuperFalafel: (shoots Electric Hummus Bolts at them)

(Full disclosure: I am an Arab-American who was raised Muslim [though is now an atheist]) and despite the fact that I find the following treatment stupid, I fear it would actually be a hit blockbuster).


TaraMetBlog said...

definitely an original idea, haha. It could be the next Borat.

Mo Diggs said...

Thanks, I think.