Wednesday, February 21, 2007

On a Personal Note: Things I Do When I'm Sick

1) Stop smoking cigarettes for the duration of my cold and promise that I'll quit smoking (akin to the Over-the-Toilet-Sobriety-Oath)
2) Cough like James Brown (*cough*HA!). Brings a whole new meaning to soul coughing.
3) Act out Edward G. Robinson's final words in Little Caesar

Is this the end of Rico?

4) Get mad when I laugh at funny things on the Internet because the laughter sets off a chain reaction of coughing. *cough*HAHAHA!


Julie Klausner said...

Love the soul coughing reference. Thanks for alerting me to your blog! I like how it's mostly comedy, but also 90's Alternative Music-themed.

Mo Diggs said...

Well if that's not a rave review blurb to put on the sidebar of my blog, I don't know what is.

I'll be mature and just say thanks.