Friday, February 09, 2007

The Web Cares More about Star Wars Than Africa? Blame Bono.

The only reason I consistently check Pitchfork is to read Chris Dahlen's excellent "Get That out of Your Mouth" column. Today, he looks at why Web 2.0 cares more about Star Wars than Africa.

I blame Bono. Just like hippies gave protests the stigma of patchouli oil and hacky sacks, whenever I hear someone talk about Africa, I imagine Bono's self-congratulatory mug. Of course this is an awful excuse. I mean what could be worse than ignoring injustice because it's unfashionable?

But my problem with Bono is he seems to speak for Africans as opposed to letting Africans speak for themselves. Since this is a comedy blog, I decided to look up African comedy on YouTube. Here's a South African comic.

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