Thursday, February 22, 2007

Carson Daly vs. Jimmy Fallon: Who is Worthy of the Late Night Throne?

Truthfully I was skeptical of Conan as a replacement for Letterman. But he was a comedy writer. Daly and Fallon are very familiar faces, neither of them known for their writing. Which one will suck less as Late Night host?


Has more late nite hosting experience. Waay more.
Got a blowjob from Christina Aguilera, according to Eminem.

His only comedy experience is explaining karma to Earl on "My Name is Earl."
These are the quotes he'll be remembered for.


Pros: More comedy experience (that Barry Gibb Talk Show is by far his greatest legacy)

Big backer of Mo Pitkin's

Cons: Laughs at his own jokes
He was in Taxi, which might have set the worst date I've ever been on in motion

So I guess I reluctantly crown Jimmy Fallon the winner because he's funnier and supports the comedy scene. One thing's for sure: Jimmy Kimmel is going to destroy the late night competition.

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